Samsung Galaxy Ring Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Smart Ring vs. Oura Gen 3 vs. Ultrahuman Air vs. RingConn

The smart ring market is heating up, and the Samsung Galaxy Ring is poised to join a growing field of competitors. While established players like Oura, Ultrahuman, and RingConn have carved out niches with their respective strengths in sleep tracking, performance optimization, and stress management, Samsung’s entry promises to bring a new level of integration and potentially groundbreaking features to the wearable ring segment.

A nice unique feature of the Samsung Galaxy ring is how it works when the wearer is also wearing a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch. When the ring and the smartwatch are both paired with a Samsung Galaxy phone, the phone will decide which device is sending the more reliable data. For example, if the ring and smartwatch are both monitoring the heart rate of the wearer, phone will receive data from both devices and decide which device is providing the most useable data.


The smart ring market is rapidly expanding, offering wearables that prioritize comfort, style, and health tracking. Let’s compare the key features of these four prominent contenders:

FeatureSamsung Galaxy Ring Oura Gen 3Ultrahuman AirRingConn
FocusGeneral smart features, health trackingSleep, activity, readinessBiometric data, performance optimizationSleep, activity, stress management
Health TrackingHeart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, activity (likely)Heart rate, sleep, activity, temperature, respiratory rateHeart rate variability, blood oxygen, temperature, stress, energySleep, heart rate, activity, stress
Additional FeaturesGesture control, Find My Ring (likely)Meditation, menstrual cycle trackingPerformance metrics, personalized coachingStress management tools, sleep coaching
Battery LifeUnknownUp to 7 daysUp to 5 daysUp to 7 days
DesignSleek, minimalist (likely)Comfortable, durableLightweight, stylishSleek, comfortable
PriceUnknownVaries based on model and subscription$299$279

Detailed Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Ring

  • FITS LIKE A DREAM: Your favorite sleep tracker is now wrapped around your finger — literally; Galaxy Ring is so comfortable, you won’t even notice it’s there while it collects insights on the quality of your sleep¹
  • LESS CHARGING, MORE TRACKING: Live your life with a Galaxy Ring that’s got your back; Hour after hour, day after day, Galaxy Ring keeps tracking without needing a charge for up to seven days²; making it perfect for active lifestyles
  • COMFORT MEETS STYLE: The elegant, lightweight design slips right onto your finger and into your day; From the gym to your business meeting to dinner with friends, it goes with everything — and is so comfortable, you’ll forget it’s there
  • TRACK YOUR HEALTH. GET YOUR SCORE. OWN THE DAY: Learn how ready you are to take on the day using Energy Score with Galaxy AI3; It calculates your physical readiness based on yesterday’s sleep, heart rate and steps⁴ – all with no app subscription
  • READY, SET, TRACK: Let Galaxy Ring simplify your workouts; Just hop on the treadmill and start exercising — your Galaxy Ring intuitively starts tracking without you having to lift a finger⁶; It’s never been easier to collect the insights you need
  • GIVE EVERY DAY A BOOST: Make the most of every day using personalized Wellness Tips — track with your Galaxy Ring and review each morning with your phone7
  • TRACK YOUR HEART HEALTH RIGHT FROM YOUR FINGER: Get a closer read on your body than ever before with improved Heart Rate Tracking from Galaxy Ring⁸ ⁹; It filters out your body’s movement for a more precise reading
  • GET TO KNOW YOUR CYCLE BETTER: Galaxy Ring helps you take the guesswork out of your cycle with your own personal tracker, right on your finger; Get a read on your health with a device that knows you — it even senses slight changes in temperature

Oura Gen 3

  • THE REVOLUTIONARY SMART RING – Track your sleep, activity, stress, heart rate and more with the Oura Membership. New members get the first month free, then it’s $5.99/mo. Register for Oura Membership on the Oura App. Oura Membership is not sold on Amazon.
  • MORE ACCURATE BY DESIGN – Your finger provides the most accurate pulse reading, making your health data and insights more personal than ever. Oura Ring’s research grade sensors monitor over 20 biometrics with precision.
  • SYNC WITH YOUR FAVORITE APPS – Compatible with iOS and Android — Oura seamlessly integrates with over 40 apps including Apple Health, Google Health Connect, Natural Cycles, Flo, Strava, & more.
  • HSA/FSA ELIGIBLE – We can accept HSA or FSA funds for the following: Oura Ring, additional chargers, and shipping.
  • EASY TO WEAR, EVERYWHERE – Every Oura Ring is made of titanium: built to last, lighter than the average wedding band, non-allergenic, and water resistant. From a workout to a night out, Oura discreetly monitors your health with comfort and accuracy.
  • LOOKING FOR THE BEST HEALTH TRACKER? – Whether you’re searching for a sleep ring or fitness ring, Oura Ring is for you— this revolutionary smart ring that allows you to discreetly track your sleep, activity, recovery and stress – in style.

Ultrahuman Air

  • SLEEP INDEX – The ring AIR serves as an ideal sleep tracker companion. Derived to help you understand the various sleep stages such as deep sleep, REM sleep, Light sleep and being awake, during different stages of sleep, different metabolic processes of the body occur for growth, repair, restoration, and maintenance.
  • MOVEMENT INDEX – Designed to help you move across the day enabling better metabolism and cardiovascular functioning. The ring AIR serves as a comprehensive fitness tracker, step tracker, calorie tracker, metabolic equivalents (METs), and more.
  • RECOVERY SCORE – It is derived from a blend of key metrics including heart rate monitoring, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and skin temperature, interpreting the signals your body sends and enabling you to monitor your overall well-being.
  • WORKOUT TRACKING – The Ring AIR is a fitness ring with dedicated “Workout Mode” that tracks various activities, giving you deeper insight into your overall workout metrics, by tracking heart rate during workouts, users can gain insights into their cardiovascular response, track intensity levels, and make informed decisions to improve their fitness outcomes.
  • MENSTRUAL & PREGNANCY INSIGHTS: Experience tailored guidance across every phase of your cycle, from Menstruation to Ovulation, Follicular phase, and Luteal phase. Seamlessly transition to Pregnancy Mode for personalized insights throughout each trimester. These features render the AIR the ultimate smart ring for women.


  • [No Subscription Fees] Unlock lifetime access to all features of the RingConn Smart Health Monitoring App with your purchase of the RingConn Smart Ring. Enjoy 24/7 real-time health tracking without any additional costs. The app seamlessly integrates with over 40 popular apps, including Apple Health and Google Health Connect, ensuring a comprehensive health monitoring experience for both iOS and Android users.
  • [Longer Battery Life] The RingConn Smart Ring provides an impressive 7-day battery life and comes with a unique magnetic charging case, capable of recharging the ring 18–20 times for up to 150 days of extended use. Perfect for frequent business travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, ensuring uninterrupted health monitoring wherever you go.
  • [More Than Just Health Monitoring] The RingConn Smart Ring surpasses standard health monitoring features by not only tracking your activity, sleep, stress, heart rate, HRV, and blood oxygen saturation, but also introducing an exclusive Timeline feature. This feature allows you to capture the wonderful moments of life, making it feel like you have a digital diary with you at all times, ready to accompany you through every day.
  • [Easy to Wear] Crafted from aerospace-grade titanium, the RingConn Smart Ring offers durability with a lightweight feel, ideal for all-day wear. Compared to bulky smartwatches and fitness bands, RingConn is lighter and more comfortable, making health monitoring effortless.

Which Ring is Right for You?

  • Samsung Galaxy Ring: Ideal for Samsung ecosystem users seeking a general-purpose smart ring with basic health features.
  • Oura Gen 3: Best for individuals prioritizing sleep, recovery, and overall well-being.
  • Ultrahuman Air: Perfect for athletes or highly performance-oriented individuals seeking advanced biometric data and coaching.
  • RingConn: Suitable for budget-conscious users looking for a balance of features and affordability.

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