Comparison: Ultrahuman Ring Air vs. Halo Health Ring

Smart rings are emerging as sleek and discreet options for tracking your health. Two leading contenders are the Ultrahuman Ring Air and the Halo Health Ring. Both offer a range of features to monitor your sleep, activity, and recovery, but cater to slightly different needs. This comparison guide will delve into the key functionalities, design aspects, and subscription models of each ring, helping you decide which one fits your wellness goals perfectly.

Ultrahuman Ring Air
Ultrahuman Ring Air

Ultrahuman Ring AIR: Feature Summary

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR is a sleek and lightweight smart ring designed for comfortable 24/7 wear. It tracks your sleep, movement, and recovery, offering insights to help you optimize your health and performance.

Key features:

  • Ultra-lightweight design: Weighing just 2.4 grams, the AIR is claimed to be the lightest smart ring on the market, making it comfortable to wear day and night.
  • Advanced sleep tracking: Tracks sleep stages, heart rate variability, and skin temperature to provide insights into your sleep quality and recovery.
  • Circadian rhythm tracking: Uses a personalized temperature minimum algorithm to identify your ideal times for exercise, food intake, and light exposure.
  • Activity tracking: Tracks steps, calories burned, and activity intensity to help you stay motivated and reach your fitness goals.
  • Recovery monitoring: Monitors heart rate variability (HRV) to assess your body’s recovery status and readiness for exercise.
  • Biometric monitoring: Continuously monitors heart rate and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2).
  • Water resistant up to 100 meters: You can wear it while swimming or showering.
  • Long battery life: Up to 6 days on a single charge.
  • Free lifetime subscription: No monthly fees for access to your data and personalized insights.
  • Multiple color options: Available in Aster Black, Matte Grey, Bionic Gold, and Space Silver.

Overall, the Ultrahuman Ring AIR is a feature-rich health and wellness tracker designed for those who want a comfortable and discreet way to monitor their sleep, activity, and recovery.

Halo Health Ring: Feature Summary

Halo Health Ring
Halo Health Ring

The Halo Health Ring empowers you to take control of your health journey. Track your progress, gain valuable insights, and make informed decisions towards a healthier and more balanced you.

Focus: Overall health and wellness tracking

Key Features:

  • Sleep Tracking: Monitors sleep duration, stages (deep, light, REM), and provides sleep quality insights.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Tracks heart rate throughout the day, including resting heart rate, to help assess cardiovascular health.
  • Activity Tracking: Counts steps, distance traveled, and calories burned to monitor daily activity levels.
  • Blood Oxygen Monitoring (availability may vary): Measures blood oxygen saturation to provide insights into respiratory health (check for specific model information).
  • Stress Monitoring (availability may vary): Tracks heart rate variability to estimate stress levels and offer relaxation techniques (check for specific model information).
  • Habit Tracking: Set and track goals for activities like drinking water, taking medication, or exercising.
  • Goal Setting: Define personal health goals and track progress towards achieving them.
  • Data Visualization: View health data in easy-to-understand charts and graphs.
  • App Connectivity: May connect with a companion app to view detailed data, set goals, and receive personalized recommendations.

Additional Benefits (depending on model):

  • Battery Life: Long battery life for extended wear without needing to recharge.
  • Waterproof Design: Allows for wearing the ring during activities like swimming or showering.
  • Stylish Design: Discreet and comfortable design for all-day wear.

Overall, the Halo Health Ring offers a comprehensive suite of features to help users track their health and wellness, set goals, and gain valuable insights into their overall well-being.


Deciding between the Ultrahuman Air ring and the Halo Health ring depends on your priorities. Here’s a quick comparison:


  • Ultrahuman Air: Designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, with advanced recovery metrics and training recommendations.
  • Halo Health: Targets general wellness with sleep, activity, and basic health tracking.

Key Differences:

  • Data Insights: Ultrahuman provides more in-depth analysis like sleep quality breakdown and recovery scores. Halo offers basic sleep stages and activity tracking.
  • App Integration: Ultrahuman boasts superior coaching and recommendations. Halo prioritizes user-friendliness with a focus on data presentation.
  • Specific Features: Ultrahuman offers potential blood oxygen monitoring (check model) but lacks stress tracking (common in Halo, check model).


  • Both offer basic health tracking (sleep, heart rate, activity).
  • Both connect to free companion apps for data visualization and goal setting.

In conclusion:

  • Choose Ultrahuman Air for detailed recovery metrics, training guidance, and a focus on athletic performance.
  • Opt for Halo Health for a user-friendly experience, basic health tracking, and a broader focus on overall wellness.

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