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Nordic ProStore Smart Ring is a reliable wellness partner for anyone

This smart ring is a great choice for both the most active exerciser and the more casual sports or exercise enthusiast, with its convenient sports mode features. The data collected by the Nordic ProStore Smart Ring helps you monitor your overall well-being. With the information gathered by the ring, you can start making changes to your daily choices and routines to feel better and more refreshed throughout the day.

Nordic Prostore Smart ring

Benefits of our smart ring

Ease of use and versatility: The Aizo Ring app allows you to track a wide range of health indicators, including heart rate and sleep quality. It also offers all the features you need to track your activity and exercise. This makes Nordic ProStore Smart Ring an excellent tool for different lifestyles and needs.

Proactive healthcare: Body temperature and blood oxygen level measurements allow you to monitor your health and identify potential problems before they become serious. So Nordic ProStore Smart Ring helps you stay aware of your health and well-being on a daily basis.

With the smart ring, you also control the music: Nordic ProStore Smart Ring has a smart touch feature that lets you, for example, change the song playing on your sound system. You can also use this feature to switch from one video playing on another device to the next, change pages in an e-book, or even take pictures. So this smart ring is also a handy tool at home or on the jogging trail.




Easy analysis of sleep quality

Monitoring your sleep quality is especially important for your well-being, because we all need a good night’s sleep. The ring gives you detailed information about your sleep quality, which helps you make the necessary changes to your lifestyle. You can then invest in waking up feeling more refreshed and better able to get through the day.

Accurate and reliable heart rate measurement

Accurate heart rate measurement is essential, especially when you exercise, play sports or do a lot of training. It helps you understand when you’re under stress and when you can push yourself closer to your limits.

Excellent monitoring of body temperature and blood oxygen levels

These two features give you a complete picture of your health. They can be particularly useful if you’re feeling ill or want to monitor your health more closely. Thanks to these monitoring features, you can notice things about your wellbeing that you haven’t paid enough attention to before.


How to choose the right size smart ring

When buying a smart ring, as with any ring, it is important to choose the right size. The ring should fit snugly on your finger, but it should also have a bit of space to slide over the middle of your finger. When the ring is just the right size, it is comfortable and virtually undetectable to wear.

When determining the size of your ring, it’s important to remember that your finger size will vary throughout the day. Therefore, it is a good idea to take separate measurements in the morning, during the day and in the evening. This way you can be as accurate as possible in finding the right size. Temperatures and seasons can also affect the size of your finger – in warm temperatures your finger is usually slightly thicker than in cold temperatures.

So how do you measure your ring size if you don’t have an old ring or a caliper? Home measuring is easy with a string and a ruler. You could use a gift string or a thin piece of paper as a tape measure. In addition to the string and the ruler, you will need scissors and a pencil. So here’s what you need to do:

1. Cut a short piece of string and wrap it around the finger to be measured at the widest point of your finger. Make sure the string fits snugly and is not too loose or tight.

2. Mark with a pencil where the ends of the string meet. Then spread the string straight out on a flat surface. Then measure the length of the string up to the mark with a ruler. The measurement you get is the circumference of your finger.

3. Nordic ProStore Smart Ring is available in eight different sizes: Size options start at 2.04 inch circumference and sizes are available up to 2.76 inch circumference. Check our Size Chart image for more details and choose the size closest to your circumference from the options available. If your size falls between the two sizes or if you are unsure of the correct ring size, we recommend you choose the smaller size.


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Visible screen diagonal

2″ / 4 cm

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