Amazfit T-Rex 2 Rugged Smart Watch, Military Certified


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AI-powered Training Guidance

The Zepp Coach harnesses the power of AI to provide personalized training plans, tailored to you and your goals. To help you avoid overtraining, this smart coaching algorithm will even track your fatigue level, fitness level and training status in order to give you scientific guidance and let you know when you're ready to step things up, or when to take a rest.


Train the Beast Within


Strength Exercise Recognition

It can automatically recognize the movements and count the reps of 15 types of strength training exercises and help to create your own training templates, many of which have adjustable variations in the Zepp App, as well as track your rest time between sets to keep your training efficient.


Blaze Your Own Trail with Training Templates

Create your own training templates for 11 different sports in the Zepp App. Each template can be divided into Warm Up, Training, Rest, Recovery, and Warm Down stages – which can be repeated up to 30 times per template.

Interval training templates can also be created directly on the watch.

24H Health Management

health 1

One Tap for Four Health Metrics

The self-developed 6PD BioTracker3.0 PPG optical sensor provides fast and accurate 24-hour monitoring of heart rate, blood-oxygen saturation, and stress levels. It can also detect your breathing rate, and is able to quickly and conveniently measure these 4 important health metrics in one simple tap.

health 2

Sleep Quality Tracking

Sleep quality is essential to health, and so the Amazfit T-Rex 2 serves as your personal sleep assistant. The watch can recognize different sleep states – such as the light, deep and REM sleep stages, as well as daytime naps, and monitors any potential breathing problems during your sleep.

Sports & Outdoor Series Watches Comparison Chart

Customer Reviews
4.4 out of 5 stars

4.3 out of 5 stars

4.3 out of 5 stars

4.3 out of 5 stars

4.2 out of 5 stars

Water Resistance
10 ATM(Swim) 10 ATM(Swim) 10 ATM(Swim) 10 ATM(Swim) 20 ATM(Swim)
Battery Life(Typical use)
24 days 16 days 18 days 20 days 14 days
Built-in GPS
6 Satellite Positioning 5 Satellite Positioning 4 Satellite Positioning 6 Satellite Positioning 6 Satellite Positioning
Dual-band GPS positioning
30m Freediving Support
Mud-resistant Design
Route Import & Navigation
Offline Map Support
Ultra-low Temperature Operate
-30°C/-22°F -30°C/-22°F
Sports Mode
150+ 130+ 100+ 160+ 150+
Third App Support
Home Connect & GoPro Home Connect & GoPro Home Connect & GoPro
1.39" AMOLED 454×454, 326 ppi 1.32'' 360 x 360, 277 ppi 1.30” AMOLED, 360×360 1.39" AMOLED 454×454, 326 ppi 1.28" AMOLED 416×416, 326 ppi

Evolve your instinct with Amazfit T-Rex 2 rugged outdoor smartwatch. Super-tough from the Inside Out with 15 military-grade tests. Ultra-low Temperature Operation is available in extreme temperatures as low as -22℉. Dual-band & 6 Satellite Positioning for optimized efficiency, faster, more accurate positioning, and also conquer new heights and discover new paths with the T-Rex2’s built-in compass and barometric altimeter. With a battery powerful enough to endure adventures up to 24 days, 150+ Built-in Sports Modes & Smart Recognition of 8 Sports. The fitness watch has a water-resistance grade of 10 ATM, meaning it can withstand the equivalent of 100 meters’ water pressure. The self-developed 6PD BioTracker™ 3.0 PPG optical sensor provides fast and accurate 24-hour monitoring of heart rate, blood-oxygen saturation (SpO2) and stress levels, allowing you to achieve total health management from your wrist. Compatible with Android 7.0 & iOS 12.0 and above smart devices.

Important information

Visible screen diagonal

2" / 4 cm


Falcon, T-Rex 2


Astro Black & Gold, Desert Khaki, Ember Black, Titanium (Supersonic Black), Wild Green

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